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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tireless for Christ

Many remain unbowed in doing that which is evil.  Sin brings pleasure, becomes easily accessible, brings great delight, becomes very frequent, and finally habitual.  Once we live habitually in sin, we become callous and hardened to it.  Those who refuse to come to Christ, often say they will never turn from their idolatry to serve God.  When they die this way, they end up eternally separated from their Creator in the Lake of Fire, a literal place of great agony.  As believers, we must not participate in this downward spiral of unregenerate people.  We must devote all that we have and are to doing good.  Galatians 6.9 is a promise that is certain (cf. Heb 6.10; Prov 11.18), precious (what could be more precious than that which God gives as a reward), and eternal.