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Saturday, November 17, 2007

2007 Northern California FBF Meetings

International Partnership Ministries has been led by Dr. Timothy Shorb for many years. Recently, he passed the baton to Dr. Kevin Callahan. Both are very able men who have been touting the need for American churches to support national missionaries. Our church has long supported Brother Shorb and IPM. We’ve also been supporting IPM national missionaries like P.D. Cherian in India, the North Mindinao Project in the Philippines, Raymond Abou Mekhael in Lebanon, and Haytham Nizar Nouri (once in Mosul, Iraq until he was shot twice, had his spinal column severed, and is now working alongside of Brother Mekhael).

The Northern California FBFI regional meetings took place at Castle Point in Lucerne, CA this past Thursday and Friday. I wanted to thank my church for sending me to the meetings. They were certainly a refreshing change. In many ways the Lord has reignited a passion for foreign missions. The next few posts are summaries from these meetings.

Dr. Shorb pointed out that although one plow horse may pull four tons, two working together can pull well over 20 tons. This is owed to their synergistic relationship and beyond a layman’s explanation from the aspect of physics. Dr. Shorb believes that American churches ought to form the same type of synergistic relationship with nationals in order to plant churches on foreign soil.