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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Selling Your Children Into Slavery

Philippians 1 begins with Paul's identification as a bondservant of Jesus Christ. A bondservant is a slave. Paul mentions in 1 Corinthians 6.20 that believers should glorify God in body and spirit because they have been purchased at a price - the blood of Jesus.

One became a slave during the first century if they were vanquished by an enemy, born into a family of slaves, or sold because of debt. This latter entrance into slavery has occupied my thoughts this morning. It is difficult to imagine selling your children into slavery because of a debt. How heartrending that must have been!

It occurred to me that there is a parallel in our contemporary 21st century culture. I know that somewhere in the world, there are parents who actually sell their children in a literal fashion; however, it is pervasive in a figurative sense today in America.

Because of our drive to have possessions and positions, we have become debtors to the world's system. It is very common for mothers and fathers to be so consumed with work and self-pleasure, that they totally neglect their children. They are slaves of sin and their children suffer from the debt. Worse yet, the children are sold into this very same slavery because of the influence of the parents.

This is a sobering reality. How much better to serve Jesus Christ as the Apostle Paul did! Servants of Jesus take on an easy yoke of peace, joy, and righteous living. Christians are able to do that which they should do. That is true freedom; the world's system is a sham liberty.