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Friday, January 19, 2007

A Chronological Outline Review of the Messianic Emphasis in Zechariah

I. The Preincarnate Ministry of Messiah
A. Identification with Israel: The Man Among the Myrtles (1.8-11)
B. Intercession for Israel: Good and Comfortable Words (1.12-17)

II. The First Advent of Messiah
A. Messiah’s Triumph (9.9)
B. Messiah’s Trial (11.1-14)

III. The Revelation in Glory of Messiah
A. Judging the ‘Idol Shepherd’ (11.15-17)
B. Judging the Gentile World (1.18-21; 2.6-9)
C. Restoring the Nation of Israel (10.1-12; 12.1-13.9; 14.1-15)
D. Cleansing the Nation of Israel (3.1-10)

IV. The Millennial Kingdom of Messiah
A. ‘Behold the Man with a Measuring Line’ (2.1-5)
B. Behold Him in the Midst (2.10-13; 8.1-8, 20-23)
C. ‘Behold a Candlestick’ (4.1-14)
D. ‘Behold the Man Whose Name is the BRANCH’ (6.9-15)
E. Behold His Dominion (9.10; 14.16-21)